Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wedding Excitement

OMG, I get married in less than 90 days, and I cannot wait! The dress fiasco got fixed, eventually, by my wonderful seamstress. I think altogether we had about 5 or 6 fittings, but it was totally worth it because in the end, the finished product was unique and very appropriate for a beach wedding! (I took a dress on the rack that I had liked but that was a lot of sizes too big, essentially had them take it apart and remake the dress to fit me, and then they had to create fabric to simulate the dress in order to alter its style, and then I had a whole other part made to be added to the dress.) During the entire process, my seamstress was wonderfully patient, and in the end she almost didn't accept my extra tips for her!! (She said, "That is my job!") If you live in Berlin and you're thinking about shopping for a wedding dress, and you think you might want something altered and not directly off the rack, I highly recommend Crusz, the abendkleid and brautkleid shop near Spittelmarkt. You will be very happy with Alex, their on-site seamstress!

And then today I went accessories shopping. I needed shoes, some hair decoration, and a necklace. I decided to head to Charlottenburg, because that area of town is relatively nearby (it was snowing hard today) and also it's pretty posh, which means that it has the potential to have nice accessories. In the end, I bought a very simple single-pearl necklace (for me, since I don't have very sharp facial features, sometimes simpler is better because then it does not overwhelm my look) en route to one of the shops, Felicita, which I had found online. When I arrived at Felicita, I noticed right away that 1. They have vintage-inspired dresses and accessories, which is awesome because I dance swing so I like vintage things, 2. The shop-owner looks familiar. I think I had been there before when I dress-shopped, but the dresses they showed me didn't quite have the "wow" factor for my face/body type. (They looked beautiful and vintage and romantic on the rack today, so I'm pretty sure it's just a misfit for my style.) Anyway, I wasn't sure what I wanted to find there, but I had brought along a fabric sample from my dress, so I showed it to them, as well as a picture of my dress (which they said is a very "modern" style... I think they were surprised by it), and they let me try on a few hair accessories that they thought would work well with the dress. (Because it was "modern", they had immediately rejected the idea of a veil. Good thing, since I had already rejected having a veil based on the possibility of a very windy day on the beach.) And, they were right! The first hair thing that they brought me was not something I would have picked out for myself, but I absolutely loved how it looked on me/how it complemented my necklace, and immediately I could picture it going well with my dress as well. They ended up showing me a few others, but that first hair accessory was still my favorite, so I did not hesitate to buy it.

Then I tried on some shoes there, and they had some nice, simple, comfortable, and even vintage-inspired shoes. But in the end I didn't feel confident making a choice without trying the shoes on with my dress, so we agreed that the next weekend I'll go back, bring my dress along, and give it another shot. Hopefully I'll get something then, so that this won't be a "thing" hanging over my head as we move into February...

--But, in any case, I am still miles ahead of Geoff, who hasn't even started to think about what he's going to wear at our wedding! I am not really worried though. I had looked through the wedding photos of our wedding planner's past events, and most of the guys dress very casually, and they still look good on the beach! I'm not stressed. I think Geoff can wear khakis and a hippie shirt, and he'd probably still be fine.

Anyway, now that my attire is slowly coming together, I am very excited about the wedding!! We have about 50 guests, I estimate. The girl at the shop mentioned that this is like a dream wedding, and it is!! I am starting to get totally excited about my wedding, even though I had never thought about weddings until about a year and a half ago.(I'm not one of those people who dreamed always of weddings. Actually, Geoff and I aren't even having a wedding party, just to keep things simple. We would have been very happy to get married even with just our parents there! Having 50 guests, many of whom are staying at the same resort as us, is like a dream. And since I'm going to ask ALL the girls to wear flowers in their hair, it's going to be very festive and lovely all around, and it'll also help everyone feel extra lovely!)

So, yeah, this is probably my last wedding update before the wedding. (I hope.) I'm going to take this opportunity to say that it's a non-zero possibility that there will be math puzzles at my wedding, since Geoff was pretty enthusiastic about the idea. I think it's "only right" that everyone completes a puzzle before they can get their first drink, and it'll also help people mingle to help each other. :)

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