Friday, January 18, 2013

Big Life Change.........?

Since I've talked to my admin, now it's OK for me to say it to you guys: I will probably have to move at the end of this school year, sadly.

I love LOVE my current school. I will be sad to move. But, a potentially great opportunity has come up for Geoff, and for that we would have to relocate back to the U.S. It is something that I couldn't ask him to give up, so I decided that I loved him more than enough to give up what I have here and to take a leap of faith. So, I told my school this week that although I am still waiting for more clarity on his part to fully decide, I wanted to let them know of this probability of leaving, so that if they felt the need to immediately start looking for a teacher, they could do that and not lose out on the chance to interview quality math teachers. I was very nervous before telling them, because I didn't know whether they would understand my priorities and whether they would be supportive. To my relief, they were super understanding. They said they will wait for my final decision before looking for a replacement, because they'd much rather keep me than to hire "anyone else." Awwwwwwww.... That is so-so-sooooo sweet, but it also makes it hard to really come to a happy, final decision. (I almost would rather them say that they will start looking tomorrow for a replacement, so that I'd be forced to find a job.) Anyhow, so I decided that I'll be looking in Seattle for a teaching post during my February visit, and either I'll find a job that I'm excited about, which'll firm up my decision to move, or I'll see/visit schools that may not be immediately hiring but are promising opportunities, which'll also help to make my decision to move, or -- if nothing looks right and Geoff's job situation is still muddy -- we could decide to stay in Berlin. We will then let my school know, immediately following our February break, so that they can start interviewing if they need to. And, they're totally OK with that timeline! (I have the best admin, seriously. They've always been incredibly supportive of me, in things big and small.)

So, although I am very sad about potentially/"probably" leaving my school and my job as department chair (I was really just starting to feel like what I do makes a difference to the teachers), I have to ask you to keep your ears open for possible openings in the Seattle area. I promise you that I'm great to work with, even though you guys have never met me. Here is my CV, and a cover letter as well. Let me know if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone in Seattle... Help a sista out!! xoxo.


  1. Good luck Mimi! Are you at a DoDDs school or at an international school? Don't you love Berlin?
    Cheers, Amy

  2. Thanks! No, just an international school. I don't think there are any DoD schools here in Berlin since the biggest American school here is a German/American public school.