Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pencast as My Substitute

I am going away for a conference on Friday. In order to give my 12th-graders the maximum chance for success, I have tried to create pencasts for all the problems in their packet, so that they can try them (hopefully really try them, OMG senioritis!), and then the substitute will just hit Play to go over the answers.

Like this one.

I am really impressed that PDF has the built in feature to support animations and wav files. wow. Yay to a hopefully still productive day in my absence. Yay to our new Livescribe toy, from which I can see many possibilities for the kids who just need a little more TLC...


  1. I have looked at the livescribe pens but was unsure of whether it was what I was looking for. Could you share some of the pros/cons, what recommendations you have? tia. pam

  2. Hi Pam,

    I have not used it enough to make a thorough judgment, but I do like how it is very easy to use and easy to upload to the computer, easy to export as PDF, and that the resulting file size is small (about 2 to 3 megabytes for 5 minutes). My colleague pointed out that it's not the best that the gray outline of content appears prior to the animation; it'd be better if the content only appeared line by line as you write, instead of being filled in with green, as this can be a bit confusing to the kids. But, I have to still experiment more to see if that's a setting/option that we can tweak with.

    Hope that helps! If I notice more pros/cons, I'll report back.