Sunday, August 1, 2010

Media-rich Data

Best quote ever: "I've just spent the last 5 minutes trying to piece you together with the 8 other Asian girls I know, and it turns out that you're not any of them! I've never met you before!"

...It happens more often than you'd think. (Not the act of confusing me with other Asians -- which I don't mind so much -- but the verbalization of such. Tact seems to be a lost art these days.)


Funniest story told to us by the realtor lady we had met yesterday: One time, the contractor she worked with went to a place in Newark, NJ, while there were still tenants living there. Afterwards, he had to call the cops, because he had seen a fresh body in the crawl space of the house. WHAT?! That's insane!


Some interesting things I dug up while going through the archives at

Some of it is teachable material; others are just cool to check out. It's really interesting how media can enhance your interpretation of numeric data. The guy has some other really neat stuff, but I figured I would link to the short list that appealed to me the most.

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