Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bacon Jalapeño Brownies

A while ago, my friend Amy had blogged about baking bacon brownies, and so Geoff and I had tried it out. We put the chopped-up, somewhat-cooked bacon into the brownie mix, blah blah, and it was pretty darn good. So yesterday, for my birthday potluck (at my friends Colleen's and Eric's house), I thought I would make some more -- and this time with jalapeños!

To my great delight, they were quite popular with all who had a chance to try them. Bacon + jalapeños + Ghirardelli brownie mix = super duper yumminess! (They actually ran out almost immediately. I only got a chance to nibble on the leftovers in the tray.)


Being Asian sucks. I always get hungover while drinking, because my body can't metabolize the alcohol very well. My dear Asian friends, does this happen to you guys?? I also get red patches on my stomach whenever I have more than 1 drink, and my eyes become bloodshot as though I have pink eye. I am probably allergic to alcohol (but I don't really care, because I drink fairly minimally, and it keeps me a cheap date). I have read somewhere that our allergy to alcohol is what keeps most Asians from becoming alcoholics. It's just so toxic to our bodies that we end up consuming only minimal amounts of alcohol, not enough for an addiction.


  1. Those look good, I might have to make some...

  2. You should! They're delicious.

  3. Oh my goodness you made them! The jalapeno addition is totally inspired.

    Also, I think our inherent ninja skills more than make up for our lack of alcohol tolerance. Teehee.

  4. Actually, the problem is that your body metabolizes alcohol TOO well! After alcohol is metabolized, it turns into acetaldehyde which is a poison the body and is what is causing your hangovers. But because you metabolize alcohol quicker than you metabolize actaldehyde, you will have a build up of acetaldehyde which makes you sick/hangover. And yes, it is the reason why not so many asians become alcoholics (it is basically how antabus works).

    As for the brownies, looks delicious, Ill try them out.