Sunday, March 29, 2009

What brought me here

I began my first blog in 2001. I blogged when I didn't yet know that there was a coined term for it, before I knew that there were websites devoted to blogging. Over the years, I have tried blogging in various forms, via various sites, and have generally written prolifically. I have shared, from time to time, excruciating details about my personal life, and -- like all bloggers -- have reaped both tremendous rewards and some consequences from it. Recently, it has dwindled into writing only for my good friends (ie. not open to public), and then almost not writing at all. Life has caught up with me, and I am no longer diligent in the same way I had been for years.

...The truth is, I miss it. I miss distilling my feelings into a few lines, or a few words. I miss having a good story and being able to write it down for myself to come back to, in the future. I miss being able to tell my story, without imposing it on someone else. True, I could keep a private journal, but I am a mess when it comes to backing up my own files, or keeping track of my personal physical belongings. (As Geoff could attest to.) So, keeping it on a website somewhere is my lazy way of keeping a dumping ground. Not to mention that it is always nice for me to read about and catch up on other people's lives, so it seems only fair that I do so in return. :)

Soon, I will be moving to El Salvador, for two years! Now seems as good a time as any to start writing again. The other blogs that I semi-regularly update will still serve their purposes, but this one will be public and focus on Geoff's and my adventure in Central America. So, stay tuned!


The name of the blog comes from a Jack Johnson song, called "Breakdown." It sounds cheesy, but I think that in a few years, I will still love this song for the beautiful sentiment that it embodies. Most of us run the courses of our lives, and never discover what lies outside of the train tracks until that train breaks down. May my life always be a broken old train, so that I can meet the people I was never meant to meet, and experience the life that was never meant to be mine.


  1. i hope i don't creep you out with this comment, but i miss your writing and sharing, even though we've never met, from when you blogged on ocf. i wish you the best in your new adventure.

  2. Thanks! I still blog on OCF, although it's fewer and farther in between.