Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hello, World!

Sorry, web, I have been away! It has been a busy few months.

Geoff and I went to Hawaii in December, followed by some busy weeks at work for both of us while shopping in our off-time for a house. In February, I went home to visit my parents, and almost immediately afterwards, my in-laws came to stay with us for 10 days in our 700-square-foot apartment. They have just left, and Geoff and I have finally begun planning for our big summer trip. This summer, Geoff plans to take off 2 months from work and travel with me. Tentatively, we will start in New Zealand, then go through Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Estonia, Russia, Greece, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, Iceland before coming home to Seattle. Our house's closing date is still set for the end of March, so in the mean time, there are just a lot of things keeping us busy. Hence, the radio silence...

But, I have been reminded recently that I have a blog! Through the grapevine, two friends of friends have mentioned this blog to me. Funny, small world. So, let me think about what I can put on the blog that is worth sharing. Stay tuned.

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