Saturday, March 21, 2015

Geometry to Algebra Transition

Our school is trying out a new thing this year (one that I think is fabulous). We're re-shuffling 9th-grade kids' Math classes for the last 8 weeks of school this year, depending on whether they intend on taking Algebra 2 or Precalculus after finishing Geometry this year. The classes in our last term of the school year will prep the kids for transition into their choice of algebra classes for next year, and we'll assess them at the start of the term, end of the term, and again at the end of summer to determine whether their achievement and commitment-to-hard-work together seem to predict success in their choice of classes (particularly those intending on skipping Algebra 2), in order for us to advise them and their parents about whether they should be working over the summer, and what seems to make sense for their course placement. In prepping for this transition, we are including lots of algebra into our current circle unit to help kids "warm up" in thinking about algebra skills.

Below is what I have so far. The kids are definitely hitting their edge, but I am able to motivate them by explaining that quadratics is the next logical thing for us to practice, since we have done already a lot of work with lines and systems this year. Even those who have taken Algebra 2 in Grade 8 and who are intending to take Precalc next year did not have an easy time solving for points on a circle, so this is great stuff for all of them!

Here is my intro to circular equations, which most of the class is about finished with. Following it, I plan to spend a few days doing this, which is a modified version of a worksheet that two of my colleagues had created. We want the kids to get familiar with circular vocabulary (as preparation for Calculus) and to do some algebra practice involving circles, but besides it, we're not too attached to teaching all of the circle theorems, since we only have 7 more school days left of this term. I am excited to see the kids' transition to algebra after all the work we've done with them this year in terms of problem-solving. I hope it'll pay off when they get to Algebra 2 or Precalc next year!

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