Monday, March 12, 2012

Encouraging Emails

These below are the nicest emails I've gotten thus far this year from my students' parents, both of them out of the blue. Sometimes when I am in the thick of things like now, I try to think about how much I simply adore my job and how, even if it means I have to go home after a long day and still do a million things just to keep up with the crazy pace of things, it's just such an incredible and humbling journey to see kids grow as people between August and June.

"You have really made a difference this year for [my son]. Before, he was under the impression that math was not his thing and you have been able to make him see that he is capable. As a result he has become much more confident about his math skills! Thank you!"

"This is [so-and-so's] mother and I am writing you because I am especially grateful for your work. I must mention that the time we started at [your school] was very difficult because the school doesn’t have math levels and we felt that his math lessons were lacking in engaging, intereactive and varied, [my son] felt he could give more. So [this year] started with a lot of expectation about Math curriculum and how the school could improve it in order to leverage the children talents not only for our son’s benefit. And I think the school did it because of you. I saw [my son] enjoy Math again and I want to thank you for making my sons math lessons his favorite."

Remind me when I become a parent and I get on the other side, that the best way to help a teacher feel motivated to do a better job is with positive reinforcement!

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  1. Well done, Mimi!

    It's SO encouraging to receive feedback from parents like this. You must be doing a great job!