Sunday, March 11, 2012

Burnt out

I am feeling really burnt out. My goal for this coming week is simply to be good to myself. That means leaving work at 4:30 everyday, if I can possibly swing it.


Addendum Monday March 12, 2013: I couldn't leave at 4:30 today!! I had a kid who stayed for extra help until after 4pm, and after that I still had to make copies and to pack up. BADNESS!!! I didn't get on a bus until 5:24pm, and I actually still need to grade tonight as I have promised my 7th graders they'd get their business plan rough drafts back tomorrow in class. (I had collected those on Friday and they're slow to grade since I check every number.) I need to do better about taking it easy!!!

At least today was a good teaching day. Even the one "difficult kids" class I had to cover at the last minute went pretty well, as evidenced by a girl approaching me to be her tutor. But, damn! I really need to do better with keeping my own promises. Tomorrow and Wednesday I have after school meetings, so I'll have to do my best to be OUT by 4:30. :(

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