Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Shoutout to Our Favorite Cafe

Apparently the best barista in the world is Salvadoran and works at the local coffee chain that we frequent. I guess I shouldn't have made fun of Geoff all of those times when he claimed emphatically that Viva Espresso has the best cappuccinos he has ever tasted in his entire life. Turns out that his taste buds are quite sophisticated.

My boyfriend has sophisticated taste buds and is willing to eat anything that has not been rotting for too long. That's dangerous.


  1. Corey and his family call Geoff the human trash compactor...or something along those lines to imply his appetite is huge and not particular.

  2. I can illustrate Geoff's non-particularness with two short examples:

    1. He once hid a block of blue cheese under his bed for OVER a week (at some lake house the boys had rented out), and then remembered/found it later and still gladly ate it.

    2. One time he was snacking on a German sausage. I said, "Something smells like a dirty sock!" He said, "I think that's this sausage." I said, "Ew! That's GROSS, Geoffrey. That's gone bad!" and he said, "Well, it has been a while, but I ate it for lunch today and I'm still OK... so I think it's OK."

    ...Of course, he also has the stomach of steel and never seems to get stomach problems. Life's not fair.

  3. Mad props for the shout out to Viva Espresso! They deserve it, and so does the WBC in general for taking coffee up a notch higher every year. And Mad props for not slapping the blue cheese out of his hand! EW!