Thursday, June 9, 2011

3-D Calculation Work Samples

A reader asked me to post some samples of student calculations for the 3-D project. I had been meaning to all along, just didn't get around to doing it earlier because things have been so busy.

Anyway, here they are, on the eve of giving our printer/scanner away. :) I had full intention of scanning in an array of student work until I remembered halfway through the process that scanning is very tedious.

So here it is, what I managed to get done before my impatience took over. These are from regular Geometry kids.

Student #1:

Student #2 (in the same group as previous kid, but doing his calculations independently... they share only the grades for their constructed project and their 2-D nets):

Student #3 (totally separate group):

By the way, did I mention that it's trickier than I had thought for kids to build cones from scratch? Here's a sample 2-D net that one group used. They had to calculate the central angle using some proportional reasoning, in order to find the amount of arc length they want on the bigger circle, in order to create a lateral surface that perfectly fits around the base of the cone.

Not bad, eh? Truthfully, across the board the groups did very well. One group had an awesome hexagonal pyramid design/calculation (but I'm not posting it here because one partner copied calculations off of the other, so I ended up punishing both severely for plagiarism).

PS. I feel that I should take this opportunity to give a shoutout to my honors kids' beautiful 3-D projects. I could not bring myself to throw some of these projects out today while packing up my classroom, so I'm leaving some of them behind on the shelf in hopes that the next Geometry teacher will adopt them as classroom displays.


  1. thank you SOOOOOOO much. despite all the busy-ness i appreciate you posting student samples of work!

    i was inspired by your project and actually did it in my class as well, and it was great. got some really interesting designs as well.

    thanks for providing such great resources that new teachers like myself can use and reach some level of success as a newb to the profession.

    good luck and many blessings to your continued teaching journey overseas!

  2. I'm glad it worked out for you. Did you take any photos or scan in any designs? If so I'd love to see them. Also, if you used a modified version of the project, and you wouldn't mind sharing that with me, that be very helpful as well. :)