Friday, May 6, 2011

Some Old Action Shots

My friend, the head librarian at the school, emailed me some photos today from a while ago when my kids were testing out their centroids in the library by trying to balance their triangles on top of a sharpened pencil. Cute!! (We went to the library because there we could sit in the coolness of the AC and not have the ceiling fans blow the kids' triangles all over the place. Plus, the library has flat tables, which are good for trying to balance things on.)

Here are a couple of good pictures. The kids were so intent on making their little triangles balance! They have to be absolutely serious and have still hands and their centroid has to be absolutely PERFECT for it to happen. It's a really fun activity, last year and this year. (Last year, as a fluke, I was able to balance my own triangle on a sharpened pencil held in my own shaky hand, while talking to the class, for about 15 full seconds! At some point I even took a couple of steps, and the triangle was still hanging on. They thought I was their hero.)


  1. Hi! Was looking for something fun to do during this unit. I found your post and tried it last Friday and it was a success. I think the students appreciated trying something new. A couple of groups had the triangles stay up for 8 minutes. I had too much of an array of different types of cardboard. The thin types worked best..Thanks. I enjoy your blog.