Monday, May 23, 2011

Hot Off the Press

Our Honors Geometry magazines Issue 1 and Issue 2!

Stay tuned for the Precalc unit circle GeoGebra projects.

In other news, we sold our car today. It feels... glorious. I've got about 3 weeks left in San Salvador. OMG I love the feeling on the eve of a big move. It makes having only intermittent water supply seem almost bearable. :)


  1. Mimi - This is amazing! I am taking over an Honors Geometry class next year, and find these magazine really inspiring. How do you fit it (the typical geometry curriculum) all in?

  2. John: I don't try to shoot for a traditional curriculum.

    Along the way of teaching topics that I think are fundamental and interesting and geometric, I cover many, but NOT all, of the same things as the traditional curriculum. I'd be glad to send you my rough year-long pacing guide if that helps, but know that there've been some changes since I made that pacing guide a year ago...

  3. Mimi - Seeing your pacing guide would be great! Thanks so much for your offer. John

  4. Last July I envisioned doing a year of something like this:

    In reality it was a very busy year, and we didn't get to do all the original projects I would have liked to have time to do. I picked up some other different projects along the way instead, and they worked well (maybe better than) those that I had originally picked out.

    You can see a summary view of what I actually did this year if you click on "Posts Organized by Topic" tab at the top of the blog.

  5. Mimi - This is great; thanks so much. All the best for your move.