Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Request for Tech+Math Project Ideas

Ever since I saw some thing somewhere about building 3-D objects in GeoGebra (I know, it's very specific... I suck at leaving bread crumb trails), an idea has been brewing in my head about letting my kids build some cool mathematical objects in GeoGebra and then digitally recording how they did it, and then adding voice-overs to explain the technical aspects of their creation, as well as the mathematical significance of what they did.

Again, that's very vague, but all I know is that the one student-made video I did manage to download on my incredibly slow computer was way too advanced for my kids to even attempt; I am not willing to spend weeks getting them to figure out the technology. (A few days, yes. But not weeks.) So, here's my question:

Have you done something like this? Do you have ideas for what topics would work well for a project like this? Ideally, I'd like the math to be manageable for every kid, and for the focus to be on getting them to feel familiar with an important feature of a common piece of math software. (Doesn't have to be GeoGebra, although GeoGebra is nice because then they can continue the work at home.)


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