Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Puzzly Excerpts

Here are some fun puzzle excerpts from Informal Geometry Explorations by Kenney, et. al. (I will write up a more formal review of it later, but I just couldn't wait to share these! They're so much fun!!):

The directions for Puzzle #1 are to fill in the missing letter in the correct direction/position, so that when you put the cube together using this net you'd see the word MATH. I love these (the book has a lot more) because they are super good for spatial visualization training!

These next few puzzles are fun and can get a bit tricky for kids; you need to find a way to draw a path in order to divide this shape into two congruent halves. Great practice for visualization and definition of congruence!

Puzzle #2

Puzzle #3:

Puzzle #4:

(For some reason, this last one took me a few minutes. I had to actually sit down with a pencil and try different things in order to "see" it. Was it hard for you too??)


  1. Allen and I cannot figure out what Puzzle #2-4 are all about. You draw one line to cut the shape in two congruent halves? Impossible!

  2. One path to cut the shape into two congruent halves without picking up your pencil. Your path can include turns.