Sunday, November 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Geometry Projects

We're more or less through with a few tedious, very algebraic weeks in Geometry! yay. Next big unit will be super hands-on (Methods of Measurement), so it'll be a nice break from all of the heavy-duty algebra. In the interim, I've taken some projects from the wonderful Nancy Powell and modified them a bit. Check them out!

For the mini-golf project, I took Nancy's project and added a couple of scaffolding questions. I also added a section where the kids would design their own golf course (which I think she does make the kids do on the computer, in GSP, but it wasn't in this version of her project).

For the string art project, since I don't actually want to spend a lot of class time making the artistic portion of the project, I made the whole sewing-with-strings thing to be optional (extra credit). Instead, the focus of the project is on identifying symmetries and constructing regular shapes using a compass. (The kids will need to be able to construct these same shapes later, when we begin to build nets of 3-D solids.)

That should take us to almost Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, we will have only a short week or so of instruction before we have to start reviewing for midterms (given twice a year)! Wildness.


  1. Hi! This looks great to use with my MPY 2's who just learned about symmetry!! HELLO Real World Application!! Would you mind posting the link so I can use it as an objective in my unit? Thank you!!

  2. Sorry, I'll have to dig around bc the original link which I took from the web (Google: Nancy Powell Minigolf) is not working anymore, and her updated file is truncated to two pages. I'll update it when I can.