Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is the part of the year when I start to emphasize to students that every day, they're making choices towards their learning. During Quarter 1, I pretty much hand-held the freshmen through all quiz corrections. Every time a kid did poorly on a quiz, I emailed home and convinced their parents to talk them into staying after school for some remediation. Last year, there was a change sometime during the latter part of Q3 where kids started to be proactive on their own about their learning. I want that to happen sooner this year. Like this time, I told kids specifically if I thought they needed extra review time with me after school before the test. Most came, although a couple of the kids didn't come because of sports commitments or other things. I told those kids sternly that they're making a choice, and they have to understand that consequences follow their every choice. That way, if they don't end up doing too hot on the exam, it'll be a learning experience for them about making positive choices.

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