Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First Presentation!

I did my first presentation ever! It was for my math department, and I ran it workshop-style, about the resources on the internet I use to help me plan my lessons. I split the time between letting the teachers experience some of the lesson ideas I've found and liked, and letting them dig through the links on Sam Shah's Virtual Filing Cabinet to find things of particular interest to their classes.

I think it went very well! I received some very positive feedback from the other teachers, and some of them said that they are ready to start using the material next week! :)


In other news, Q1 is coming to a close. (There are just 2 more days -- just enough for me to do review and test in all classes.) I can't believe it, but at the same time, I am very happy with the way Q1 went this year in Geometry. (In Precalc, I am still learning the ropes, so I think Q1 went just OK.) I've begun to survey the kids about how the class is going, and their responses have been very positive, as well! Q2 promises to bring some neat material in both classes, so I am definitely looking forward to this next chunk of the year! :)