Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun in the Sun

THE SUN IS OUT! Has been for two weeks now. It's super lovely; I think we might be finally easing into the dry season. :)

Geoff and I have spent two beautiful weekends in a row at the beach, in good company. Last night, there was a music festival in El Tunco, so we (and apparently everyone we knew) decided to stay at the beach for the night. :) One of the bands was a rock cover band, and played such amazing old hits as "You Gotta Fight for Your Right." It was a great night... I won't divulge many details, but there was some spontaneous Charleston going on, with cheering Salvadorans. I almost had an asthma attack when we got back to our hotel, from trying to keep up with the crazyfast latino drum beats. Good times!!

Next week, we head off to Austin for our friends' beautiful wedding, and after that we will be in Tikal over the first (long) weekend of November! I LOVE this pre-holiday time of the year!! :)


  1. Get as much sun as you can! As of right now, the forecast is predicting a 30% chance of rain on the wedding day, so it might be an indoor affair after all. :)

  2. Doh! I hope it's sunny in the end, but I know it'll be awesome nonetheless. :)