Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Second-Favorite Decade

This one is a special shoutout to my awesome friend Amy, who is incredibly busy finishing up her electrical engineering doctorate from the prestigious CMU, :) but who enjoys some silly dance moves now and then:

--Do I hear a 90s dance break? :) :)

By the way, here is a neat list of all the math-related strips from xkcd. Regrettably, most of the others don't make you want to dance like you've got no shame.

...Sometimes I think we miss our childhoods because things back then actually were better. Lady Gaga's got nothing on these guys!


  1. Just saw your comments on Dan's blog. Super(ly?) well said. You've got some really clever stuff on this site, eg the Storm Troopers and movie theater snippets. I'd be interested to hear how you might turn those into math lessons, and to get a conversation going in general re: math stuff.

    @mathalicious dot com

  2. Hi Karim,

    Thanks for your kind words! For now, those are just ideas, but I might flesh them out a bit more during the copious free time I still have between now and the start of the school year...

    I am figuring that some topics of interest will probably naturally arise, as the school year progresses, that can jog our shop talk. :)

    Until then...

    PS. I like your stuff over at Mathalicious! You guys are doing great work! But, oddly some things I had bookmarked disappeared from that site recently (eg. the camera-shake lesson). Are you guys doing some house-cleaning?

  3. Mimi-

    First, happy birthday! If you think 28 is good, just wait until 30. And then 31. And then...

    Sorry to take so long in responding. I actually just found your response on Google. Anyway, yes, we were reformatting all of the old lessons into the new presentation/slideshow style. All the old lessons should be re-uploaded by the start of the school year, and then we're gonna start cranking out the big queue o' fun (drake's equation, fuel economy, golden ratio, etc).

    As you can see, we're focused primarily on Grades 6-8 and Alg.I. I imagine that you'll have all sorts of good geometry stuff this year. We should chat.

    karim at mathalicious dot com


  4. oh, "camera shake" is back up.