Monday, July 5, 2010

Lovely weekend

Geoff and I had a lovely July 4th weekend sans BBQ and fireworks. :)

Despite it being the rainy season, the weather turned out to be beautiful all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Friday night, we went out for a dinner and a movie, and watched Kick Ass, a cheesy but very entertaining film about wannabe superheroes. On Saturday, we checked out La Puerta del Diablo, or "Devil's Door", a famous site for executions during the Salvadorean Civil War. It was interesting -- we met a coconut vendor who speaks flawless English, and he initiated a very frank conversation with us about El Salvador's present and future. Much of what he said corroborates my existing belief that there is little hope for foreseeable change in this country. He confirmed for us that the police fears the maras and added that the government's lack of funding in education means that the poor is without hopes even in the long run. So many people sell things on the street, he said, because that's the only job they are capable of doing. It was a profoundly depressing conversation...

On Saturday night, after a failed attempt to locate a house party (the host had sent out very poor directions), Geoff and I went to Alambique for a drink. We ended up drinking a bottle of wine between the two of us, dancing a bit, and then deciding to come home. We hung out and talked in the hammocks, under the soft lighting of our patio, until it got to be really cold and really late -- about 4am! Finally, we went to sleep, and blissfully slept in on Sunday.

Sunday was a beautifully lazy day. We got up late. Geoff played his guitar while I hung out in the hammock next to him. Then, we took a walk to a nearby park, ate a delicious lunch at Kreef (--YESSS for Prosciutto and salami baguette sandwich!), and then took a long nap and watched some TV before going grocery-shopping. We dug up a recipe that we liked for a dish called the "Drunken Tuscan Pasta," and used a whole bottle of wine to cook our meal. --It was delicious! By the time we finally cleaned up after dinner and were ready for bed, somehow it was already 11pm.

I love aimless weekends spent with Geoff.

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