Monday, June 30, 2014

Dipping My Toes into Sewing

I took an amazing weekend sewing class! It was 8 hours this weekend, 4 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. We learned how to thread and to use a sewing machine and how to make a bobbin (the spool of thread that runs on the opposite side of your garment; you make your own bobbin whenever you change the color of the thread, so that both sides of the seam can match on color...). We also learned some basic sewing terms and did some simple projects. I picked out the fabric beforehand myself, since this studio doesn't sell any fabric on site. Also, very interestingly, based on our individual choices of material, we each had slightly different challenges in the sewing process. It helped me to appreciate/imagine the complexity of problem-solving when sewing on your own at home.

Project #1: We made a cinch bag! The bag is two-layered, meaning the inside has the same pattern as your outside. (ie. I used four sheets of the striped material total.) This project seems complex (and it does have a lot of pieces), but it was really not bad to assemble! We also got to use a decorative seam along the cinch, which was good fun.

Project #2: We also made an infinity scarf! It was an easy project, but a good learning experience in choosing appropriate fabric. I chose a fabric that was a bit too heavy, which has an unfortunate impact on the appearance of the final scarf. Next time, I'll choose a lighter, softer fabric!

Project #3: They call this a "circle skirt", but actually it's a "conical skirt" when in adult size, because you end up cutting out a half circle and then sewing the radii together to form a seam on the side of the skirt, thereby forming a cone. I helped the group figure out how to use math to find the inner radius that would help us match to the desired waist measurements, since the teacher was showing them trial/error and they were getting a bit confused. Yay math!!

It was WAY cool! I really enjoyed the individual touch on these projects. Since we all brought very different fabric, the projects all looked vastly different in the end, to suit our individual styles. So fun!!!

My next sewing project will be one that I attempt individually, by reading pattern instructions. I am going to go to the studio for drop-in help to make sure that I am on track while completing this, and so that I can delay buying a machine. (The studio also has all the cutting, measuring, etc. supplies that you may need.) I have chosen this Miette skirt pattern, and I am excited because although the design seems pretty simple to make (no buttons or zippers), here you can see the variety of beautiful skirts that have come from this! Amazing!

This is officially my new hobby. I am completely obsessed. There seems to be a large sewing community in the Seattle area, including meetups and wine socials where people come together and help each other with projects, which is just super exciting. The hubby says that if I can keep up with the learning and drop-in studio sessions through Christmas, then we should invest in some sewing supplies for me to tinker at home. Wait and see my progress!

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