Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ah, winter break...

I miss drawing. I think this Christmas, I'm going to buy Geoff and myself some charcoal and drawing pad, so that we can be drawing hippies on Saturday mornings. I made this today because I was bored and the art store was closed. It's based loosely on this picture, but of course I messed up on the arms since I was drawing with an ink pen (one I normally use for grading) and I hadn't made anything in years.

Hello, winter break. :) It's only Day 2, and we have already: partied a good bit, finished hanging all kinds of things up in our apartment (Geoff measured/built three art frames from scratch and stapled the canvasses to them! It was awesome watching him sawing and banging things together while I laid back, ate chocolate, and watched TV... but I'm extra happy that finally all of our Salvadoran art is hung up), and we rode our bikes today to eat yummy breakfast in the park. In about 5 days we will be off to Turkey. I can't wait!!!

PS. Geoff's parents sent us chilled champagne in the mail. Two bottles. I managed to convince Geoff to immediately crack open one bottle upon receiving them, because hey -- how often in your life would you get chilled champagne in the mail?! That seems like as good an occasion as any to enjoy them. :)

PPS. Our Christmas tree/bush is coming along. It's crooked and small (that's what she said?), but it's filled with holiday spirit! :) I am so excited about our first jointly owned Christmas tree ever!! (Last two years we lived in the tropics, and before that we each lived separately in NYC.)

Anyway, I hope your holiday spirits are bright. Setting up the Christmas tree made me all sorts of sentimental. It was the first time I had actually set one up without my sister around (even though it has been 7 or so years since we've spent Christmas together). Made me miss her extra much.

PPPS. You know that Australian claymation movie Mary and Max? Please watch it. It's phenomenal (although not really suitable for children) and made me both laugh and cry.

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