Friday, October 15, 2010

Try 1 at Re-Test!

I did my first mini-try at a re-test today. The response was overwhelming! I had told my group of regular Geometry kiddies that in order to do the re-test, they needed to bring me test corrections by 4pm the same day I was returning the tests (since the quarter had technically already ended). And even then, they'd only be allowed to re-take one part of the exam that I designate for that kid (in order to make it manageable for me and manageable for them to re-study and to re-focus), and their score for that section would be averaged against their previous score from that same section. Out of my two groups of regular geometry, guess how many kids actually brought me their corrections by 4pm that day? ...16! Wow! I am impressed, freshmen! And this is after I had announced that no one was failing Q1 in my class. Although a handful of those 16 kids failed to show up the next day to take the re-test, I was still pretty happy with the turnout.

(I have to say, this is the first quarter ever where I can say that not a single kid is failing my class, partly because of their own efforts and partly because I was mandatory-tutoring the heck out of them all quarter, starting in Week 2 and all the way through the last week of the quarter. Some kids are still worrisome, but the vast majority is learning at a pretty satisfactory rate.)

But, it also made me glad that I don't do this habitually. I actually forgot to eat lunch today, which I never do. I was so busy all day because of the re-tests and tutoring kids (who aren't mine anymore this year but who still come back to me regularly for math help RIGHT BEFORE their exams), that I realized at 4:30pm that I had forgotten to go pick up our car's registration card (which was at the front office, being processed for a renewal) and that the office was closed and we wouldn't have our registration card over the weekend and THAT'S REALLY BAD...


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