Monday, May 18, 2009

Learning Spanish!

Geoff and I started listening to Pimsleur audio lessons for Spanish. They are fantastic, even though they move a little slow for my taste. The audio lessons are roughly 30 minutes in length each, and they consist of new vocabulary phrases being introduced, broken down phonetically, and then the "moderator" calls out a bunch of English phrases quickly, pausing for you to repeat the correctly conjugated Spanish versions, and then the native speakers pronounce the correct words again. This quizzing modality drills the vocabulary, as well as pronunciation.

--I like it. :) The only trouble is that we have 90 lessons to get through, and thus far Geoff and I have only found one day to sit down and go through 3 lessons! It is worrying me a bit, as we are going to be very busy again this week / weekend with work and dancing stuff.

Anyway, this is all we know thus far (not yet enough to help us apartment-hunt down in ES, but it's something):

Como esta usted? (How are you?)
Bien, gracias. Y usted? (Fine, thank you. And you?)
Muy bien, gracias. (Very well, thanks.)
Entiendez Ingles? (Do you understand English?)
No. No entiendo. Habla Castellano? (No. I don't understand. Do you speak Spanish?)
Hablo un poco. Soy Norteamericana. (I speak a little. I'm American.)
De donde es usted? (Where are you from?)
Soy de Nueva York. (I am from New York.)

Excuse the bad spellings. Remember, these are audio lessons... Adios!

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