Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Departure date!

We finally have a projected date of departure: July 15! --Or at least, that is when I will be leaving; hopefully Geoff will be able to book a flight on that same day as well. :) The rest of the new international staffers will be arriving around July 23, which means that we have roughly one extra week to find an apartment and to settle in before my orientation starts.

In other news, Geoff has sent out evites for our goodbye party, which will be on the last Saturday of June. Seeing that both Geoff and I are playing-by-ear types, I am truly amazed by how early these are going out, but his mom -- the hostess of hostesses -- had been anxious about not knowing how many people will be in attendance, so some parental pressure was definitely involved in making this early evitation happen. :) I don't know how many New Yorkers are going to trek out to Jersey to party with us, but it is going to be a good time regardless! At the Coxes', drinks are always flowing merrily...

Translation: I'm going to throw up on someone's foot, and my boyfriend is going to piss on my leg. Just sayin'.

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