Friday, May 30, 2014

Calculus Buttons

I noticed today that

1. My blog got hacked! (oops. How long had it been redirecting you to another math website? And, why would they bother??).
2. May is almost over and I never blogged!

Anyway, here is a little mathy art project I had been working on. I was thinking about the idea of giving buttons to my seniors to help them remember the good times we've had in Calculus. So, I sketched out some designs and drew them on the computer and made these pins! Geoff convinced me to put up a store front in case someone else out there wants to order these pins for their students. 

The buttons are available in different sizes and shapes, but I set some defaults that I thought would work well for each design. My favorite design is #5 (since I like doodling on the computer), but I came up with that one only after I had put in an order for the senior buttons. So, I plan to order some of those in the next round!

Check them out!! I will miss my seniors. 2 more school days with those guys, and then another week and 2 days with the others!!


  1. mathrecreation got hacked that way too. He thought it was something he used long ago to put some LaTex on his page. Lovely pins. My favorites are the tangents and negative ones. (Thanks for making me think about pins. I should add that to my ways to promote Playing With Math. Maybe I Playing With Math, along with one of the cool play structures from the cover.)

    1. Thanks!

      And that seems to make sense about tge LaTex javascript. I had one of those scripts running as well. It had stopped working a while ago and I just never removed it.