Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Calculus Project Resources

I am combing the web for project ideas. Here is a cheat sheet for myself, and maybe for you as well:

I like these Calculus writing projects because they're based in realistic context, and the kids have to write a letter to explain their recommendations and to justify them with math explanations.
More of the same type of writing projects, but extra nicely formatted.
Art, technology, and Calculus - what could be better?

Designing a smooth-riding rollercoaster. I know that there are different versions of this project out there, and when the time comes, I'll be doing some shopping around to make sure I'm using the most kid-friendly version. I think my new school already has a version of this project floating around somewhere in the shared files.

Some sciency projects for Calculus.

Some nice activity sheets to spark discussion. (I know, they're not projects, but they're nice, no?)

Also, as a bonus find, I came across an easy-to-read explanation of what makes good math writing , and why writing is necessary in a math class.

Ah, I'm glad it's still just July. Even though I am keeping busy, summer is still cool and bright for another few weeks.


  1. The sciency projects link seems to be broken.

    You might like Bowman Dickson's stuff. (I do.) There's lots of it.

    Shawn Cornally, at Think Thank Thunk, also has very interesting calc ideas.

  2. oopsie - thanks for the catch. I dropped the L in .html , so now I've fixed it. I am familiar with Bowman's and Shawn's stuff, and I like it! I'm sure I'll be borrowing ideas from them liberally next year.

  3. Nice article! Too bad you have to enter your cc# to copy it. (No way will I do that. My card has been compromised too many times.)