Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Survey Project - I'm Back!

I recently gave a survey project to my 7th-graders, that involved them creating/administering a survey, creating circle graphs with a protractor, drawing conclusions from graphs, and making educated predictions for a larger population.

Here are some clear photos I managed to snap of a few of their posters. I am impressed by how informative they are, considering that the kids didn't turn in any rough drafts. (Note to self: Threatening to turn it into a full-blown writing assignment really helps to bring up the quality of submitted posters.)

See full-sized yellow poster here

See the complete blue poster here.

See the full-sized cream poster here.

PS. Yes, I got married!! Here are a few pics.

Belize looks like this:

Snorkeling with sea turtles!
Our beach ceremony (people sat in a spiral form). It was awesome to have 50 friends and family join us from as close as El Salvador and as far as Sydney and Shanghai!

Newly weds! (My dress worked out fine in the end. It was short, with a detachable train.)

A couple of days after the wedding, we had a sunset cruise with the guests who were still around. It was lovely!!!


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful setting and beautiful you :). Hope you had fun and are well rested.

  2. Beautiful bride and beautiful setting, Mimi. Congratulations!!

  3. Thanks! It was amazing! Truly better than we had hoped for.