Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Visit #1

I went to visit my first Seattle school today. It went well, I think. I loved the school. The kids were very nice; the teachers went out of their way to make me feel welcome; and I saw a lot of great math going on, from Grade 6 math to Multivariable Calculus. The location of the school is also fantastic -- within walking distance of my old hipster neighborhood. If this school is interested in hiring me, I would be thrilled!

But, so that I am not keeping all my eggs in one basket, I am visiting at least two more schools this week in hopes of just networking, seeing what is out there.

Job search is always tricky. I know that if they decide to hire me, I will adapt to whatever situation it is, but the question is always how to get that foot in the door, when you don't know what other candidates have to offer?

Anyway, I can only be myself and then hope for the best! Good thing there is that whole wedding planning thing to distract me.

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