Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mini Wedding Updates

So, now that I am on October break and work is temporarily put into the back of my mind, I thought I'd give a little bit of wedding prep updates. Brace yourselves!

On a semi-happy note, I think I found a dress. It's short, classy, and suits who I am without being "loud." The complication is that I had let 3 or 4 weeks pass in between the first time I had tried on the dress, and going back to purchase it.* So, during that time the dress I had tried on (which was in my size) had been sold, and so I decided to buy a dress that is 6 sizes too big to have them size it down. No problem, except when I went back today to try on the dress again, it's now too small and the dress bunches up in weird places instead of falling smoothly like it's supposed to. The store seems to still think that they can fix it OK, but I really needed their help to zip it up today and it looked very funny anyway -- definitely not the fitting experience I had hoped for. To me, it's all a bit nerve-racking, because the alternative is that I'd have to start over looking for a new dress, with less time left.**

On top of this, there are some not-so-straight-forward stylistic alterations that I want them to make to the existing dress (as recommended by my dress jury and my own gut instincts). It requires them to crinkle some fabric in the same style that the rest of the dress is already crinkled. The store people told me that they're not sure that they can do it, but that they'll try (with a mixture of chemicals, getting the fabric wet, and repeated ironing) and then let me know if it's even possible. So, at this point, the whole dress is a bit of an unknown variable still.

On another note, I am really looking forward to the wedding itself. My boss granted me 2 extra days off (attached to a two-week-long spring break, so it's no trivial matter), and that means that we're heading over to Puerto Rico for a mini pre-wedding honeymoon en route to Belize! Geoff, the ever responsible one, researched to find out that there is some bio-luminescent area of PR that is a must-see. So, we're going to brave Mosquito Bay merely days before our big day. :)

This is not wedding related, but for you non-Facebookers, here is a recent photo of us from Oktoberfest in Munich. Lovely time all around, with a great group of friends from the States!

*Problems in paradise: I went to the Berlin Music Festival, which took up one whole weekend in September. Then, the next weekend I was in Leipzig for a Coldplay concert on Friday night, and couldn't make it back in time on Saturday to go to the store. The following weekend my girlfriends were not around to give me the thumbs up. So, it was 4 weeks later when I finally made it back to the store. In the interim, I had been trying to convince myself that I always get paranoid about things for no reason. Little did I know that my paranoia was totally real, and the one correct-sized wedding dress did sell out within those 4 weeks! 

**I googled this problem, as googling is my way of self-therapy whenever I feel anxious about something. As you would expect, many brides-to-be purchase dresses that are several sizes too small -- on purpose! And then, weeks before their wedding they panic if they still cannot fit into the dress that never fit them in the first place. OMG. As a chronic stresser, I cannot even imagine how panicked I would be to still have a dress that I cannot fit into, two or so weeks prior to the actual wedding. I can only hope that people who do this have allotted extra money to buy a second dress!

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