Thursday, September 20, 2012

IB 2014 Investigation Introduction

This presentation might be helpful if you are an IB teacher looking to introduce the new internal assessment format. I made the presentation after poring over IB docs from the OCC, looking through their samples and FAQs, and talking to my departmental colleagues. I think I have a pretty good general feel of what is expected, and so I pasted over some excerpts from the official docs into this presentation and walked the kids briefly through the motivation behind internal assessments, why it is done in this new format this year, and what they should be considering as they try to brainstorm possible topics / narrow down to a single topic. We also looked briefly through some of the annotated online samples from OCC, but did not hand out any copies of those samples (to avoid even tempting future plagiarism), and as well examined some MYP task prompts that are formulated in the structure of an investigation. We still need to do one day in class when we just sit down with laptops and brainstorm possible topics together and individually, but I think today was a very clear intro. It's making me a bit less stressed out about everything.


  1. Hi, I tried to access the presentation (since in fact I will be using the new project format for IB Math SL) but it gives me a 404 error (file not found?).

  2. Yeah sorry - it should be fixed now. Dropbox was having some trouble syncing. I had to pause and restart.