Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping Stress

I am totally stressed out from wedding dress shopping. HOW COULD THIS BE?!
  • I am getting married on the beach. It's going to be over 30 degrees Celsius.
  • I don't want to look back on my wedding day as the day when I sweated off all of my makeup in a sickeningly thick dress!!!
  • Berlin dress shops mostly carry strapless dresses, which means that there are thick underlying corsettes that add invisible layers to the dress. No matter how light a dress looks from the outside, if it's strapless, you are guaranteed to be carrying a fair amount of weight just from the corsette and the cloth. Let's not mention the under skirt that you would have to wear, which adds extra weight and therefore, extra heat.
  • To complicate things, it's the end of the 2012 season, and either I can buy a leftover, likely oversized dress from a store, or I can wait until the END of October to try on new dresses for 2013. That is pushing it too close, considering I am getting married in March 2013.
  • So far, the few people who have seen the photos of the dresses that I've liked, have unequivocally voted for a thick dress in lieu of the light and airy ones. That is not helping me come to a decision.


  1. That sounds like a pain in the butt. On the upside: What an awesome problem to have :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Mimi!!!!!! Wow, on the beach, how fun and romantic is that. I think you'd look lovely in any of the J.Crew wedding dresses :)

  3. Funny but a few people have pointed me at the J Crew dresses. I usually am a fan of J Crew, but since those are online-order only (no physical store here in Berlin), and I am not brave enough to just order without trying, it's not an easy option for me. If I can find something local that is similar, I'd probably go for it. One designer I have found from Berlin makes simple and comfy dresses, and I might end up asking her to draft up something for me.

  4. My best friend is getting married in two weeks, and went to pretty much every store within 100 miles looking for a dress. She ended up getting one custom-made for her, and it didn't cost any more than an off-the-rack dress + alterations would have. It's light, lace, and looks perfect for her! Good luck!

  5. Why is this on if it's not about math?

  6. I got married on a beach last month when it was 87*F (so just over 30*C). I had a strapless silk A-line dress, and though my legs were a bit sweaty under all the layers down there, the breeze and straplessness of the top kept me comfortable up north.

    And if it is going to be breezy, forgo the veil! My mom and bridesmaids pressured me into wearing a veil, and now in half my ceremony photos you can't see my face because it was blowing in the wind (ugh). Also, my engagement was short, and I ordered my dress 4 months before my wedding and was fine--my consultant pointed me towards a brand that ships quickly to my location, so I didn't have to pay a rush fee. :)

    Congratulations, good luck with the dress hunt, and--most importantly--don't forget to breathe and at least try to enjoy the process. :)

  7. That is too coincidental. Today I drew up a sketch of a potential dress I would ask to be made. I am really scared this is going to be a botched design job since I've never designed anything before, but I modeled it after the style of one of my summer dresses. I'm going to run it past my sister to see if she thinks it's worth a shot, and if so I'll go back to the designer with it!!

  8. The dress I modeled it after looks like this dark blue dress from Papillon Noir (even though the girl is sitting so it's not very easy to see how the dress falls):

  9. Wheeee! Have fun! Wear whatever you want!

    Secret - wedding designers make "informal" wedding dresses (and shops hide them in a corner). They are cheap, and are meant for destination/beach weddings so don't have trains & all the layers. I wore one because I didn't want a train (and also loved it).