Sunday, February 5, 2012

My First Screen-Capture Vodcast!

Since I was not able to find a video introducing the kids to Type I tasks for the IB, I thought that I should try to make my own.

Here it is. I had to record it a few times because:

1. The screen capture program kept canceling out because Escape is one of the hot keys for canceling and I hadn't realized. So every time I hit Escape from the Prezi full screen, my screen capture video would disappear without an error message. I had thought for a while that I was maxing out the recording time limit, but eventually I figured out what was happening.

2. When I finally successfully taped one, I found myself "huhing" and "umming" too much. It was annoying, so I had to re-do it.

In the end, it's not perfect, but it's alright. I cannot tell if it's just me, but the audio and the video got a bit out of sync towards the end, but I think it's still something I'll save for the future, because it's always better to give the kids something they can watch at home in case they have questions while completing the project. And I am pretty amazed by how easy it was to do! I used "Free Screen Recorder" and the built-in microphone to my laptop, if you're curious. The program is free and the AVI pops up automatically after you save the file.

Addendum February 8, 2012: My students thought it was very helpful to look at the video side-by-side with looking at an actual project sample from the past. I walked them through the infinite surds task in order to illustrate the different stages of the mathematical investigation.

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