Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Unexpected Math Encounter

I forgot to write about this:

I went to a cabaret / dance thing last weekend. (It was more of a dance thing than a cabaret thing, which was totally cool except that I had thought it'd be more of a cabaret thing and wore heeled boots and danced with my boots on a slippery wooden floor all night.) At the entrance, there was a sign:

"Pay 9,50 Euros OR toss a die to try your luck. If you roll 1, you pay 7 Euros to get in. If you roll 2, you pay 8 Euros to get in. If you roll 3, you pay 9 Euros... etc. Up to a possible 12 Euros for entrance."

That made the math teacher in me happy to know that somebody paid attention in their math class. :)

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