Friday, August 6, 2010

Thoughts about Mothering from a Non-Mother

I want you to know that I've been talking to/reading about mommies and mommies-to-be and I have decided that once you become a mom, you don't have to just give up the things that you love to do!

Case in point: Last night, I went swing-dancing. It was an utterly lovely time, with a wonderful deejay and a crowd that wouldn't sit through any of the songs (the songs were literally awesome one after another), even though we were each dripping with sweat. Amidst all of this, I saw my dance friend walk through the door, who had recently become a mommy (about 6 months ago). I started talking to her, to find out to my surprise that she has been trekking from Jersey to New York once every two weeks since the birth of her baby, to swing dance! YEAH. (Her husband watches the baby on those nights.)

And recently, I've been reading our friend Katy's blog. (See your right-hand side for links.) Katy used to be -- wait for this -- a rugby player. She semi-recently had a baby and a C-section, but she has been getting back to the rugby field. ...DOUBLE YEAH!

One of my NYC friends is getting married soon (with plans to start a family), and she is a marathon runner. :) She has been talking with our mutual friend Annie about planning marathons into her pregnancy schedule! haha. And how once she gives birth, she can go back to running with the stroller, but she just can't be training for a marathon while pregnant.

--I love, LOVE how these mommies and mommies-to-be still try to maintain a life of their own outside of their kids. That makes motherhood seem so much more do-able. Because we, as women, are diverse (read above), strong, and beautifully independent. How can all of that go away with motherhood??

Thank you, women everywhere, for being my inspiration. (And good luck on motherhood.)


  1. thanks so much for this post, Mimi! I had so much inspiration from awesome women who maintained their identity once becoming moms. i just wish i could be MORE involved with rugby. the key is having a truly supportive partner. corey is so important in my ability to get back out there. he took miles to watch me on the sidelines when i played rugby this spring!

  2. Awesome. Geoff is proud of Corey. :) I'm proud of you!