Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Next steps

Geoff and I are quickly approaching the end of our fourth year of being together! :) September 2010 will be that next milestone. I could not have imagined, even a year ago, where we would be right now with our relationship. Moving together abroad was an excellent decision, because we had to learn tolerance, communication, and compromise in order to live together and to be able to rely on each other day in and day out. I still love Geoff for all the same reasons as before -- his goodness, his love of adventure, his career ambitions -- but I have also learned to appreciate his relentless patience and protective love.

So, what's next??

(Since I know this is on all of your minds, all three of you that read this blog...) We do want to get married and to start a family, EVENTUALLY! We're just not in a big hurry to do it yet. I also want to go back to school to get my PhD, not for the name of the degree, but because I really want to someday help math teachers to be better at their craft. Thus, Geoff and I looked at our timeline for the next five to ten years, and decided that if we still wanted to live somewhere else (ie. Europe), we would have to do it relatively soon, before our lovely future arrives and we are slammed with raising a family and possibly my going back to school all at once!*

*And yes, I'm well-aware of how impossible/crazy that sounds to try to play both roles at once. But Geoff and I have discussed it and are hopeful that we will find a way for it to work, somehow. Even if I have to be the oldest PhD student ever and/or Geoff has to be a part-time stay-at-home dad! haha

So, our gears are turning. Stay tuned... (Don't get all over-excited though. Remember the last time we had decided to move abroad, it had taken us close to two years to get everything in order!)


  1. "...because I really want to someday help math teachers to be better at their craft."
    That is just the coolest sentence.

    My officemate is 40+ years old, with 3 daughters at home, and he's the best graduate student in our office. His youngest daughter was born just after we both started grad school. I can track how long I've been here by how tall she's getting. Which is my long way of saying that you can totally do it too.

  2. haha. Thanks. I know there must be a lot of ways of doing that, so PhD might not be the only route, but it is probably the most clear-cut route...

    By the way, the coolest sentence is Geoff saying that he might stay at home to take care of the kids part of the time, so that I can go get my PhD!

  3. That too! Major props to Geoff. I feel like my inner control freak would have the hardest time leaving my kids with someone else, even Allen. Of course, if my inner control freak had her way, I would probably be making all my kids' baby food from scratch from the vegetables I grew in my garden. Who knew I could be so domestic? Oh my goodness, I should never have children.