Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beautiful mirador

On Sunday, Geoff and I went with a few friends to celebrate a birthday at a stunningly beautiful restaurant that overlooked many nearby mountains. The food was delicious; the menu featured fusion cuisine brought back by the two Salvadorean restaurant-owners from their experiences living around the world. And the restaurant was only a short (~30 minute) drive from the city!

Our photos don't do the place justice. We had dined on the deck while the sun was setting, and you could see numerous mountain ridges near and far, colored in hues of blue and purple. Right past where we were sitting on the deck, the cliff drops about 60 or 70 feet. It was truly breath-taking; I hope we go back soon sometime. :)


The year is wrapping up so soon! With my Alg2H classes, I've been doing simple trigonometry in prep for their Pre-Calculus class next year. It's making me nostalgic already. (With Geometry, we're still pushing forward with "regular" curriculum all the way until the last day of instruction. I feel a little bad because I'm speeding through some of the topics, but the kids seem to be faring OK, despite their complaining.)

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