Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nature? Yes, I've read about it...

Last night, I saw a big pink iguana dart across our bathroom after it had entered through the window. I was freaked out! Geoff had to grab our pot in order to catch it and to put it outside. It was scaling the wall at a crazy speed, and even jumped during the Geoff vs. Iguana hand-to-hand combat.

Then, an owl was stuck in my classroom today! It was small, and apparently couldn't find its way out. I wish I had a camera with me, because it was the cutest thing I had seen in days. It kept eyeing me suspiciously by turning its head to a weird angle to follow me with its eyes. Eventually, it let me get close enough to open all of the windows to let it out. SUPER CUTE!

--This place is crazy. There are iguanas, armies of ants, killer mosquitoes, (dead birds on our porch,) and now an owl!


  1. Even that lizard is cute! Although I'm sure I would feel differently if it were *my* bathroom.

  2. Not cute!! Not when it's moving at lightning speed.