Monday, June 1, 2009

30 days!

It is unfathomable that I will be moving out of my apartment and getting rid of all of my stuff in the next 30 days! I think that time will really fly by, now that we are actually in June. (--A surreal notion, in and of itself.) It is a two-week sprint from now until my high-schoolers are done with instructional days, and then another week until my 8th-graders take their Regents exams. And another week until those middle-schoolers, too, will finish school. Following that will be a busy weekend of: dance performance; our going-away party; and hanging out with the lovely dancers for the last time. Then, finally, I will have a couple of days of packing, throwing crap out, and MOVING!

Meanwhile, I'm teaching the next two Saturday schools (because I am a sucker) and Geoff is trying to organize a weekend trip to Pittsburgh to visit his pal's upcoming new baby. Our lives are caught in a centrifuge, and it's about to get crazy.

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  1. Two days to either pack, store, or throw away all your belongings? Yes ma'am, you are certifiable.