Monday, June 8, 2009

My Little Nemeses

I contacted my future supervisor, and he told me that they are planning on having me teach regular Geometry (9th grade) and honors Algebra 2 (10th grade). :) I'm excited! Please forward me any info you might have about good reference material for Geometry, so that I can make this class fun!! :) That will no doubt be my challenge in the upcoming year...

Some other things I will need to get before heading out:
  • Inhaler refills
  • Contact lenses

  • Some sort of insect-repellent thing (...Yes, I get bitten that much! I am a little worried about Dengue fever, actually.)

  • Passport photos (for visa apps)

Last night, Geoff and I had decided to leave the window open while sleeping, since it had been sweltering in my room. Within two hours of going to bed, I woke up to find both of my legs covered in mosquito bites! It was sick. I counted at least 10 bites in all, and they were already so swollen and itchy that they had woken me up. I had to actually close the window, slap on a layer of toothpaste (a home remedy that always works for me), and then cover my head and body entirely with a blanket, because I knew that if I had left my face out in the open, the mama mosquitoes would munch happily on my face like they had done in D.C.

Today, Geoff told me that he does not think he was bitten last night at all. That's crazy! I did some research, but could not find any satisfactory explanation for why I am always bitten so badly. I don't sweat much, and I don't use perfumed lotion! >:( Ridiculous! ...What is even worse is that supposedly the mosquitoes can smell you from 100 feet away! WHAT??!!

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